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Exemplar Seamless - An

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

scientists want to use
Adoption of electronic lab notebooks by scientists is the number one concern of

ELN software

purchasers. Exemplar ELN® was designed so scientists can create their experiment and start recording their experiment details immediately with zero training. Exemplar’s digital lab notebook also works in all leading browsers with no software to install and works just as well on tablets.

Scientists are Smarter when they work Collaboratively

In a major advancement in Electronic Lab Notebook collaboration, Exemplar is the only ELN that supports any number of scientists working on the same Experiment at the same time. The original author of a lab notebook experiment can designate other scientists to collaborate with them on their experiment. The designees can then work simultaneously on the experiment by writing notes, adding and loading new data, editing the existing content, and more! No longer is there the need to check in, check out lab notebooks blocking others from accessing them.


electronic lab notebook software

also has integrated chat and full discussion threads support within experiments. Exemplar

ELN notebook

s also support real time, interactive, collaborative ideation sessions where ideas can be captured and lab notebook experiment tasks assigned from the agreed upon ideas.

Search, Visualize & Analyze ELN Data

The important work being done by scientists represents a large amount of knowledge that is likely failing to be captured by your organization.


lab notebook software

addresses this need by incorporating the most powerful instrument data capture and searching tools in the ELN software space. All structured and unstructured data captured in notebooks can easily be searched across your entire organization to further your research and discovery efforts.

You can also easily visualize lab notebook experimental data points in numerous ways with the ability to create interactive visualizations. Exemplar's ELN Informatics module also enables analysis of the data.

Go Beyond Traditional ELN

Sapio took its decade+ of extensive SDMS, LIMS software and Electronic Lab Notebook experience and merged them into a single solution. This means that Exemplar electronic lab notebooks can save you money and cover your needs whether tracking the day to day experimental work of your research scientists or the lab management processing of samples by lab technicians.

By supporting ideation, experiment tracking, automated instrument data capture, lab management, search, visualization and analysis, the Exemplar lab notebooks software platform is the only solution delivering on the promise of the digital lab today.