Laboratory Information Management Systems

A LIMS system allows you to manage requests, samples, results, and related data to improve lab productivity.

What is a LIMS System?

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What are the Benefits and Advantages of LIMS Systems?

diagram of Sapio electronic laboratory notebook eln features Accuracy of Results A LIMS system helps labs produce accurate, repeatable results via rigorously defined steps with enforced protocols
graphic of searching for data in a clinical lims system Efficiency of Lab Operations A LIMS system helps labs to automate and speed up laborious tasks via integration with automation robotics
graphic of sample test tube with data being tracked Lab Processing Data Access A LIMS system helps labs store and retrieve results quickly versus spreadsheets which do not enable searching across many years of lab processing data

What does a LIMS do?

LIMS Features & Functions


Who uses LIMS software?

Why Is LIMS Important For Modern Laboratories?

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What Are The Best LIMS Systems?



  • Sapio Seamless ELN
  • Sapio Seamless LIMS Software for various applications:
    • Sapio Research LIMS
    • Sapio NGS LIMS
    • Sapio Bioanalytical LIMS
    • Sapio Clinical LIMS
    • Sapio Histopathology LIMS
    • Sapio Stability Lims
  • Bronze Edition: Essential for academic settings and small biotech startups.
  • Silver Edition: Perfect for biotech startups to set up their digital lab foundation.
  • Gold Edition: Ideal for companies that are growing fast and want to expand their data-capture capabilities.
  • Platinum Edition: Full use of the Sapio Informatics Platform to address all your organizations' LIMS and ELN needs.
Bronze Edition
  • Document content searching
  • Hosted cloud
  • Free-form note taking
  • Embedded MS Office is compatible with Sapio Sheets and Docs
  • Paper on glass ELN
  • Experiment Templates
  • LIMS, prebuilt solutions, and clinical features not available with Bronze Edition
Silver Edition
  • Everything in Bronze plus
  • No code rules engine
  • Material registration, tracking, and management
  • Molecule and reaction drawer and search
  • 3D plate designer
  • Easy workflow reusable template creation
  • Sample registration
  • Prebuilt solutions, and clinical features not available with Silver Edition
Gold Edition
  • Everything in Silver plus
  • Fully configurable data model w/no code or SQL
  • Scientific data visualization chart builder
  • Instrument results to structured data
  • Instrument tracking
  • Research, prebuilt solution add-ons
  • Complete audit logging and traceability
  • Patient report builder and delivery
  • And more
Platinum Edition
  • Everything in Gold plus
  • Optional private cloud /on-premise
  • Scientific Data Mgmt System (SDMS) with pre-built integrations
  • Prebuilt solutions for clinical
  • Detailed turnaround tracking (TAT) and analytics.
  • Request Management and Request Portal
  • Business analysis
  • Dashboard Development
  • Sapio LIMS Workflow Implementation Services
  • Data Management Assessment and Implementation
  • Sapio Integration with internal or external systems
  • And more


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