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Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of Laboratory
Management, Electronic Lab Notebook, and Knowledge
Management Solutions.

Exemplar LIMS® enables scientists to quickly configure the LIMS for their data and workflow tracking requirements with no need for consulting or IT.

Via integration with leading platforms and informatics solutions, Exemplar supports results tracking directly in the LIMS, enabling researchers via a single portal to search for sample information, follow samples through workbench protocol details and to interrogate analytical results. Therefore Exemplar is a primary enabler of translational research within R&D laboratories.

Sapio's founders have extensive experience in the design and development of highly scalable, user friendly, robust and flexible applications. The Data Driven approach Sapio took to application design is significantly more challenging for than traditional application design approaches that the first generation LIMS applications utilize.

The extra work was worthwhile as the pay-off is a general purpose data management and workflow tracking application that can literally be configured by our customers in hours with no programming. So as data tracking requirements change, they can easily be incorporated by lab managers with all existing data retroactively updated.

Sapio is driven daily to empower our customers to make key discoveries with our software via its unmatched flexibility, and we have proven that we can significantly reduce the TCO of a LIMS versus the first generation of LIMS vendors. As a testament to this, our customers have never needed teams of application programmers to implement or customize our application, saving them significant costs. It is often the case that Exemplar LIMS can be purchased and implemented at a lower cost than just maintaining an existing LIMS application.

Beyond the technology itself, Sapio requires high ethical standards at every level in the organization. We also provide the most proactive and responsive customer support in the industry, as our valued customers will attest. Sapio has been selected by many of the leading pharmaceutical, biotech and non-profit research laboratories as their solution provider. We continue to look for new ways to reduce our customer's costs and to increase the flexibility, robustness and breadth of functionality in Exemplar LIMS.

In addition to its leading workflow engine, Exemplar LIMS has the most comprehensive application configuration toolset on the market. This means that LIMS projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard LIMS projects. Furthermore, there are no limitations with Exemplar LIMS on what you can do with its configuration tools, and that is why Exemplar can rapidly be adapted to any change in your data tracking or laboratory processes without the need for consulting and long implementation time-frames.

We are happy to setup a time to demonstrate Exemplar.

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We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.