Sapio NGS LIMS With our LIMS configurable technology and workflow templates, projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard LIMS projects.

Laboratory Management for Clinical and Research NGS Labs

Sapio NGS LIMS is a system built to handle the NGS sample tracking and processing needs of clinical or research laboratories. Sapio provides complete tracking of samples through the NGS pipeline from request through sample processing and results delivery. It provides automation integration as needed, along with preconfigured NGS workflows, management level dashboards, full consumables management and support for regulatory compliance such as CLIA.

The dynamic nature of the NGS lab requires a LIMS that can adapt quickly to changing protocols and platforms. Sapio is the most configurable LIMS at all levels, meaning that no matter what technology you introduce into your lab or what your requirements are, you can be confident that Sapio can meet your needs.

When evaluating an NGS LIMS, labs should choose a system that:

  • Is fully web based from end user usage to LIMS configuration
  • Has pre-built, CLIA standard, NGS workflows such as common library preparations
  • Fully tracks aliquot and derivative lineage as well as sample volumes
  • Tracks samples and workflows throughout the full processing pipeline
  • Collects quality control data and integrates with all leading QC genomics instruments
  • Can track consumables including amount remaining in inventory and expiration dates
  • Is highly configurable to easily alter existing workflows and create new ones from scratch
  • Includes graphical dashboards of lab activity
  • Is scalable to handle anticipated concurrent users and sample volumes for many years
  • Can support any additional lab process outside the NGS arena
  • Has Pre-built integration with a secondary analysis solution
  • Can provide interpretation of genomics data

Sapio is privileged to have a "who's who" list of NGS customers including some of the highest throughput NGS labs in the world. We have been doing NGS implementations for 6 years which has enabled us to build up a strong core competency in the NGS domain. Sapio staff have extensive experience in NGS pipelines and have created world class workflows supporting these often complex pipelines as part of our baseline NGS offering.

Sapio has implemented highly automated workflows where Sapio is fully controlling all the key instruments in the NGS pipeline such as liquid handlers and QC instruments. The result of this is that, with Sapio NGS LIMS, you can be up and running in a research or clinical setting literally in hours.

We are happy to setup a time to demonstrate Sapio NGS LIMS.

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