Sapio Stability LIMS With our LIMS configurable technology and workflow templates, projects are completed in a fraction of the time and cost of standard LIMS projects.

Laboratory Management for Stability Studies

Sapio Stability LIMS is a system built to define and track Stability Studies details from inception to completion for a variety of industries. This includes creation of the manufacturing details, sample batch/lot tracking, scheduled pulls, and much more.

infographic showing the stages of a stability testing study progression

Sapio can generate a comprehensive and easy to read summary PDF report of the study for review at any time.

The definition of the study specifications and pull dates is straightforward and easily done in a single view.

screenshot featuring a table of specification intervals

Sapio's Scheduling system then makes it easy to visualize upcoming calendar events and even to execute the processes directly from the calendar.

screenshot featuring a calendar view of studies

The Stability study functionality is built on the Sapio Platform which supports any R&D workflows, clinical workflows as well as electronic lab notebook functionality. Sapio's best in class searching and integrated charting also means you can easily perform targeted searches across your enterprise and export the resulting data that has been collected over time to spot trends.

Furthermore, Sapio's configurable workflow engine can be used for more complex batch assessments where more complicated procedures are involved in fulfilling a Study Specification of the Sample Batches.

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