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Exemplar Seamless ELN — The Digital Lab Realized

The digital lab is a concept where organizations take a data driven approach to their R&D and Clinical initiatives which requires the removal of data silos while requiring:

  • Data and Process Consistency
  • Agility to adapt to new Processes
  • Data Mining across the Enterprise
  • Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics
  • Innovate rapidly. Agility.
  • Improve Return on investments.
  • Convert Data to Insights.
  • Implement adaptable processes.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Foster Collaboration broadly.
  • More Data. Faster.
  • Innovation acceleration.
  • Demonstrated Reproducibility.
  • Data Silos. Legacy Systems.
  • Scientists Data Deluge.
  • Robotics. Automation & Repeatability.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Integrated LIMS & ELN Platforms.
  • Advancement in Lab Instrumentation.
  • AI and Neural Networks.

Your data and processes are your most prized assets, but without the realization of the digital lab these valuable assets are not being used to facilitate and accelerate discovery. Organizations who do not adopt the Digital Lab will be out maneuvered by the competition and will be unable to uncover important discoveries lying hidden in the data they have already generated.

Sapio's Seamless Informatics platform was built to enable the transformation to the digital lab. The seamless platform includes a world class LIMS System, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS). All of these features can be used together or you can elect to use only the LIMS software component, or just the Digital Lab Notebook, for example.

With Exemplar's Laboratory Management System, you can easily configure new workflows via drag and drop and can also graphically design and track complex workflow to workflow processes. Scientists can, with minimal training, use Exemplar's Science Aware Digital Lab Notebook to track their experiments and collaborate with their colleagues. Data analysts can mine terabytes of collected data by performing SQL-free queries, visualize/export the results and analyze them in real time with interactive, integrated analytics. While any of these components can be used standalone, the full power of the digital lab comes with utilizing all three systems in parallel. This conveys immense benefits in having a single repository with unified data and process, which coupled with Exemplar’s powerful targeted searching tools means your R&D efforts will be accelerated beyond point solutions lacking either integration, search or bio and chem aware Electronic Lab Notebook.

With the Seamless Platform you will:

  • Increase your labs throughput, instrument utilization and maintenance
  • Accelerate discovery through our Electronic Lab Notebooks bio and chem aware visualizations for low and high throughput experimentation
  • Harmonize your processes across your organization
  • Reduce experimental redundancy (i.e. wasted effort and resources) with proper search of your existing data and process assets
  • Augment your lab scientists in executing on their work with automated workflows and work queues
  • Test hypothesis faster via integrated data visualizations and analytic driven insights

screenshot of pipeline progress viewer in exemplar histopathology lims

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We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.