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Free ELN Software, with Sapio Sciences

Benefits of Using an Electronic Lab Notebook

Other Benefits of Using Sapio Seamless ELN

  • Manage your materials registry of compounds, samples, instruments, plasmids, reagents, and more.
  • Design compounds, reactions, plasmids graphically and intuitively.
  • Analyze your flow data using advanced AI methods and/or manual gating.
  • Search across structured and unstructured data with Sapio's leading search tools.
  • Visualize and analyze experimental data points with various interactive visual tools.
  • Capture documents quickly and securely and edit your docs directly in the ELN experiment.
  • Easily configure formulas in data tables to determine results and transform them into charts and graphs for easier interpretation.
  • Chat and collaborate with colleagues on the same experiment as you're working on it.
  • Scale up your digital laboratory management and avoid complicated migrations or upgrades with Sapio's Informatics Platform.
  • Install, save, and access data in the cloud or on-premise.

A Peek Inside Our Free Lab Notebook Software

  • Plasmid Design
    • Design Plasmids
    • Automate PC Primer design
    • Restriction Analysis
    • Golden Gate
  • Flow Cytometry Data Analysis
    • Easily load your FCS files
    • Use AI to clean up your FCS data before gating
    • Automated AI and manual gating
    • Save your gating strategies so others can use them
  • Paper on Glass
    • Easily record experiment notes with formatting
    • Create checklists
    • Insert Excel spreadsheets and edit directly within your experiments
  • Template Management
    • Easily create a template from any existing experiment

The Sapio Seamless Bronze Edition is free ELN software for academics!

How to Choose the Best ELN For Your Research?

Decide What Features You Need

Compare Costs

Are you an academic? Try our FREE Bronze edition today!

Consider Regulatory Compliance

Think Long Term

What's Included in the Bronze Edition?

  • Document and Experiment Searching
  • Hosted Cloud
  • Enterprise-class Scalability
  • Integrated Chat
  • Real-Time Data Replication
  • Easy Experiment Reusable Template Creation
  • Embedded MS Office Compatible Sapio Sheets and Docs
  • Free Form Note Taking
  • Graphical Plasmid Editor w/Automation Wizards
  • Flow Cytometry Data Analysis
  • Drag and Drop File Attachment
  • Image Annotation
  • Real-Time Data Updates
  • Real-Time Experiment Collaboration

Academics, start using our FREE Bronze edition today!