Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Flow Cytometry data is a valuable tool used by many laboratories in their R&D efforts. Scientists spend extensive time and effort on this task slowing down their research efforts. Sapio customers use Flow extensively in the Sapio Informatics platform Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and have expressed the need for tools to assist in assessing flow data.

Sapio's heritage is in machine learning, and we are applying our expertise in numerous areas, including to flow cytometry data analytics within our ELN platform. For example, we perform automated gating of FCS data using machine learning to augment the scientists' efforts on one of the more burdensome tasks of flow data analytics.

Product screenshot of Sapio flow cytometry

Sapio's science-aware informatics platform is the only solution providing tools for small molecule design, plasmid design, CRISPR design and now flow cytometry analytics. Sapio's Flow is compatible with all data files from all acquisition software packages and cytometers.

With Sapio Flow ELN Tool you can:

  • Drag and drop your fcs files for analysis right inside your Electronic Lab Notebook Experiment
  • View histograms
  • Perform machine learning based QC of your fcs files
  • Perform automated gating of your flow data
  • Create manual gates with many drawing options such as rectangles, free draw, etc.
  • View metrics around the gated fcs data
  • Apply a compensation matrix to your data
  • Save and share your gating strategies with your colleagues

Legacy tools like FlowJo™ have been the mainstay of flow cytometry analytics but are not usable within web based ELN's and have outdated interfaces. Sapio's Flow tool, on the other hand, is seamlessly integrated within its world class electronic lab notebook and has a modern interface and requires no software download.

Sapio is also making the full Sapio Flow ELN tool free for academics! If you are a student or faculty at a university, you can sign up and use it immediately at no cost.

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FlowJo™ is a registered trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company