Sapio Sciences is Rebranding! | Sapio Sciences Blog


Sapio Sciences is Rebranding it’s Exemplar LIMS and Exemplar ELN Solutions as Sapio LIMS and Sapio ELN.

Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of its Informatics platform addressing the Lab Management (LIMS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Scientific Data Management Software (SDMS) markets.  Today we are announcing that we are rebranding our solutions through the discontinuation of the Exemplar name on our product line and will now utilize the well recognized Sapio brand name instead.

While we will often now refer to Sapio LIMS, Sapio ELN and Sapio SDMS solution names as appropriate, we generally prefer to think of our solution as the Sapio Informatics Platform.  If we didn’t want to minimize adjectives, we would ideally like to call it the Sapio low-code, no-code, science-aware, informatics platform, but that’s probably too much to digest.

We will close with a comment from Kevin, our CEO and Chief Scientist, “Increasingly biotech and pharma R&D organizations are coming to us for our unified low-code, no-code informatics platform on which all our applications are built and tightly integrated.  This enables our customers to digitally transform their organizations to streamline their operations, reduce costs and accelerate discovery.  Our success with our science-aware platform has clearly made the Sapio name our key brand and diminished the need for any additional branding as we had previously with Exemplar.”