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Sapio Announces Exemplar NGS LIMS 2.0 with Hosted Option

Posted: November 10, 2015

Exemplar NGS extends its feature set lead in the NGS market including new cloud delivery option

Sapio Sciences has announced the release of Exemplar Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) LIMS 2.0. Exemplar NGS LIMS 2.0 was designed and built from valuable lessons learned working with Sapio’s industry leading NGS customers in both the clinical and research space. Exemplar NGS LIMS 2.0 is also now optionally able to be deployed in a cloud environment instead of installing the software at the client’s premises.

Exemplar’s NGS LIMS 2.0 has the following features:

  • Out of the box, clinical standard workflow templates for common sequencing workflows
  • Workflow Builder tool enabling the creation of complex workflows entirely via configuration
  • Best in class Materials Management for tracking consumable’s usage and inventory
  • Master Mix Creation workflow with recipe definitions
  • Flexible and extensive sample accessioning for working with samples of all types including FFPE, tissue, serum and more
  • Integrated Biobanking with extensive graphical storage management capabilities
  • Definition for each instrument of its maintenance procedures and the time interval as to when they are to be performed
  • Request Portals for research and clinical settings
  • Scientific Data Management for tracking NGS results such as variant data and NGS Run Metrics
  • Graphical Sequencing Run Monitoring with comprehensive integration with leading sequencers
  • Graphical dashboards for comprehensive management insights into lab operations
  • Automated management of the secondary analysis pipeline via our partnerships

According to Kevin Cramer, CEO, “Sapio has been at the forefront of genomics\genetics LIMS implementations for over 6 years now. We are grateful to all our customers in the NGS arena for their confidence in Sapio and Exemplar. In working with them we have developed extensive NGS domain expertise and learned the particular challenges in NGS implementations. Exemplar NGS LIMS 2.0 ensures project success as it was designed to address each segment of the pipeline from request and accessioning through processing samples in the lab as well as the analysis pipelines.” Kevin continues, “With our new cloud deployment option we are making Exemplar accessible to a larger audience as many organizations either lack the IT infrastructure to maintain software or simply prefer to have the vendor oversee the software environment for them.”

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