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DNAnexus and Sapio Sciences Collaborate for Seamless Integration of Laboratory Information Management System and Cloud Bioinformatics Solution

Posted: January 28, 2016

Automating Laboratory Management and Genomic Computational Analysis in the Cloud Simplifies NGS Workflows

DNAnexus Inc., the global leader in cloud-based genome informatics and data management, today announced the integration of its cloud-based genomics platform with Sapio Sciences' Exemplar Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solution for clinical and research labs. Organizations and their labs now have a cloud-based, sample-to-answer tracking solution that enables them to optimize their operations by reducing costs, improving accuracy, and ensuring quality control.

Sapio Sciences is at the forefront of genomics/genetics LIMS implementations. Leading laboratories use Exemplar NGS LIMS to balance deadlines and shrink budgets by tracking their NGS workflows from request through processing and analysis. The system supports CLIA compliant workflows, instrument integrations, support for automation, and consumables management. The DNAnexus Platform is a recognized leader of cloud-based data security, compliance, and sharing of genomic data and tools. The combination of DNAnexus and Sapio Sciences allows for the laboratory management process to seamlessly integrate with the bioinformatics operations, enabling secure scalability, flexible workflows, and tertiary analysis.

“The flexibility of Exemplar NGS LIMS is a great complement to the DNAnexus Platform, making Sapio Sciences an ideal partner. Sapio and DNAnexus share a common goal of helping labs and research facilities focus on the analysis and interaction with genomic data to advance medical discovery, rather than infrastructure management,” said Richard Daly, CEO, DNAnexus. “Scientists in research and clinical labs now have the freedom to customize their laboratory and bioinformatics solutions based on internal requirements while minimizing costs associated with infrastructure and maintenance.”

“Many of our customers work with external collaborators and require a centralized area where they can share genomic data,” said Kevin Cramer, CEO, Sapio Sciences. “By having Exemplar NGS integrated with the cloud-based DNAnexus Genomics Platform, not only can our customers run thousands of tests in parallel and enhance lab efficiency, but also improve data exchange with collaborators.”

The Sapio/DNAnexus integration provides an end-to-end laboratory management and informatics solution in the cloud. By providing the scientific community with a flexible, cost-effective, and secure way to collect, store, analyze, and share genomic data. It allows scientists to perform simple out-of-the-box tasks to more complex customized workflows, from tracking sample inventory to automating clinical-grade genomic pipelines. This flexibility enables each customer to meet his or her own unique requirements, without having to pay or maintain unnecessary IT or project management infrastructure.


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