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Sapio Sciences Announces Exemplar LIMS v2.4.0, Extending its Flexibility and Functional Leadership

Posted: October 3, 2008

Sapio Sciences is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Exemplar LIMS v2.4.0. This release extends Exemplar LIMS leadership position as the most flexible and cost effective solution in the LIMS application space. Key additions in this release include:

  • The Scheduling Manager, which is an advanced calendaring system that allows for the scheduling of any LIMS object including personnel, equipment and even detailed workflows. The scheduling of workflows is novel in that Exemplar LIMS will estimate the completion time of the workflow based on the protocol, lab hours of operation, the number of samples being processed, etc. This capability enables lab managers to have Exemplar automatically schedule the laboratories future workload.
  • The introduction of the Sapio Synergy program, detailed in another press release, which allows for the open source sharing of Best Practices implemented in Exemplar LIMS.
  • Reagent usage tracking with aliquot capability.

"This new release significantly extends the capabilities of Exemplar LIMS and solidifies it as a complete solution to any laboratories sample/protocol/data tracking needs," says Kevin Cramer, VP of Sales and Marketing at Sapio. "The Scheduling Manager is a peerless product that will allow lab managers at busy labs to schedule the laboratories work out into the future with the LIMS offering estimates of completion times on complex protocols."

Kevin continues, "I am particularly enthused about the Sapio Synergy program. Our customers can now share their protocols, workflows, instrument integrations, etc with other Exemplar LIMS customers via our secure Synergy website. This will encourage an open source atmosphere where we expect our partners and customers to be active in the creation, sharing and improving of Best Practices within the Exemplar LIMS community. This sharing of Best Practices will enable rapid uptake of Exemplar LIMS by new customers, but will also allow existing customers to rapidly integrate new technologies into their lab by utilizing pre-built Best Practices from the Sapio Synergy site. We are already building out many key platform protocols in collaboration with our partners and customers and will soon be making these available to our customers. They will be able to download these in a single file, import them into Exemplar LIMS and immediately have the full capability of the workflow at their disposal for tracking protocols, integrating with lab equipment, computing reagent formulas and more."

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